winnt_accept: Asynchronous AcceptEx failed Error in Apache Log

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    Morning all,

    Don't really know where to post this, but I have some info about it that might help someone create a fix.
    winnt_accept: Asynchronous AcceptEx failed Error in Apache Log

    I was getting this error in my Apache logs, and apart from being annoying, it was also causing php code to randomly appear over all the website pages, some cookies were not being passed to the clients, and things were generally slow and ****. Searching the net did'nt help, nor did the frequent reinstalls of Apache and MySQL, I even reinstalled Win 2003 Server, but still the same.

    I was always installing Apache on the C:/ with the actual website sat on a 250GB SATA on Drive G:/ Out of pure bordom from selecting the C:/ I though stuff it, I will shake things up a bit, the apache and SQL is only small, and my website will no way fill a 250gb, so I created a new folder just outside the Root Directory and installed apache their. Went though all the normal configs, and now my server is running 100% and after hammering every page and link the error log is still empty :)

    In Short what worked for me is to NOT install anything to do with Apache on the C:/. install it on a physically seperate drive and run your website from the same drive.

    My rig details:-
    Win 2003 Server - Standard edition
    AMD 1GB
    512MB Ram
    3 x IDE 80GB maxtors (Windows in sat on the first one)
    1 X 250GB WD Sata - (No raid installed)

    Apache 2.2.3
    PHP 5.2.0
    MySQL 5.0.27