WinTV-PVR and Win7 x64

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    People using a Hauppage WinTV-PVR150 or a WinTV-PVR500, might want to take notice that these two types of TV-cards don't work with an x64 OS, in combination with 4Gb mem or more. If you have less than 4Gb, this issue won't apply to you...

    Hauppage does have a x64 driver on their site that can be used in win7, but no software. If u have 4Gb ram or more on a x64 os, u are toast, cause these two cards apparently have memory mapping issues when dealing with this amount of ram.

    There is a workaround though :

    First off, install the driver, and ONLY the driver. The WinTV software will not work on a x64 based OS. You will have to use Media Center or a third party application to watch TV. Media Center works great though, at least in Win7.

    Once installed, you will notice when setting up TV in Media Center, that it doesn't work. That's because the WinTV-PVR card can't handle the 4Gb of ram.

    To go around it, just type "msconfig" in a run box, and go to the boot tab. Enter advanced boot-options, check the box "Max memory", and type in "4095", or "4000", or "3800". It really doesn't matter, as long as it's less than 4096.
    Click ok, and reboot.

    After reboot, set up Media Center, and u will see your TV works like a charm.

    The downside is that not all of your memory is in use, which kind of breaks down part of the purpose of running an x64 OS. When u have 4x1Gb, only 3Gb will be used. When u have 2x2Gb, only 2Gb will be used. That sucks, but at least u can check/uncheck the box in boot-options and reboot whenever you want to watch TV.

    As an interesting sidenote to this, there's good news though : Hauppage is handing out other, newer types of cards for a very low price for people that own a pvr-150 or a pvr-500. These seem to be the possablilities for swapping :

    PVR-150 swap for HVR-1700: 49$
    PVR-150 swap for HVR-1300: 49$
    PVR-150 swap for 2 x HVR-1300: 89$
    PVR-150 swap for HVR-2200: 69$
    PVR-500 swap for 2 x HVR-1300: 89$
    PVR-500 swap for HVR-2200: 69$

    All they need to do is request an RMA to, provide a screenshot of their system specs to prove the 4Gb or more, and to prove they have such a TV-card. They will then some time after recieve an RMA-ticket to swap the card for another one at the given low prices. U can send the mail in plain english, they will understand it.

    I requested my RMA yesterday, but am still awaiting confirmation, as it can take up to 72 hours, and in some cases I've read (don't freak out) even 3 weeks. But they are officially handing them out, so you should recieve your ticket eventually.

    Hope this will help some people.

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    but don't choose the HVR-1250 as I've had EXACTLY the same problem with it. going to 32bit or lowering the memory fixes the problem.
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    also I might add that you can (probably, because unfortunately I only tested it on Win7 x86) still use ChrisTV as your main TV-app.
    I kinda like it and it has lots of advanced options.
    I haven't found a driver for my TV-card (according to the manufacturer and MS-help system - it is not and never will be supported in Vista and later systems) so I installed a generic driver for my TV-chipset and used ChrisTV as the 'watching-app'.
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    Which card do you have ?
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    Got my response today from Hauppage, with instructions to RMA.
    Have to send a screen of system properties along with the RMA request (lol).
    After that I can send the card to their depot, and get the new one.

    I'm gonna go for the PVR-1700. It'll cost me $45 + shipping costs (about $5 from belgium to germany).

    This just made my day...