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Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by cyba, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Aug 24, 2007
    I'm using RTM Pro 64 bit on a dedicated second desktop - AMD FX8150, 16GB DDR3, Intel SSD 520 240GB + 1TD Velociraptor, and a half decent Radeon graphics card. The OS seems to fly but, because it's just a trial, I haven't loaded it with all of the software I usually would. I have to say I didn't like WN8 most of the way through the Release Preview and, like many, I moaned about 'metro' and other changes. But time changes things. I've applied tweaks and learned how to set it up the way I prefer. I can now access whatever I want as quickly as WN7, even via the 'metro' interface. Once the app icons are set up on the desktop interface, or on the task bar (as I prefer) then, apart from no Start menu and a better Task Manager, I find there's no major everyday difference from WN7. I'm still exploring 'under the hood.' I'd like to try WN8 RTM, next, on my laptop but I use that for work - so, until it's finally released (I can buy it) that experiment will have to wait. All up, I do like WN8. Whether it's worth rushing to change up to from WN7, especially if you don't plan to use 'metro', I don't know. The Server version uses ReFS and I've read that M$ intends to roll this out with all editions - it sounds like a better file system than NTFS. The question is, when? That could be a good reason. ARM-based tablets and smartphones, if you plan to use them, is another (consistency.)
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    Your system sounds like mine, with the exception I couldn't get the SSD, but am running two internal 1TB drives, have Windows 7 Pro on one, and Windows 8 Pro (activated) on the other. The way I have W8 configured, it boots into the desktop, after displaying Metro for about one second. I am slowly transferring my data from W7 to W8, knowing I will have to redo everything when I purchase W8 in October...

    I do own a touch screen PC, but have not put W8 on it, as the PC is on the slow side. I also noticed the FX 8150 CPU is faster, as is the new 1TB USB 3.0 drive.


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