WOW64 not installed by default now on Hyper-V R2 and Server 2008 R2 Core installation

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    That is right folks, in order to make the server core footprint even smaller WOW64 is now optional. Which is cool, because most of the time core installs are used for very small footprint installs like AD DS or Hyper-V.

    Thoughts? Comments?
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    Comment only

    Just a comment; I am not knowledgeable of your subject but working on it. Trying Server03 first time!
    Up to last week, I am ashamed to say I did not even know what Microsoft Server was.
    I only make a comment because the only words used I understand are “server“ & “footprint” which sounds a very interesting subject in general.
    I will be interested to see what comments are made so I can learn a little, although you refer to Server08 my guess is 03 is no less customizable then XP.
    I customize for unattended personal settings and software currently with XP so now interested with what’s possible with Server03.