Wrong oembios files or wrong cd ?

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    I no longer have my cd set that came with my Hp Compaq Nc6000 laptop so yesterday I began making my own oem cd for xp Pro.
    I did not use an retail cd but an xp pro cd with an Pid=76440000, what pid is this ?
    The cd had red,orange and white colour and came with ms actionpack partner program.

    I guess this laptop must have slp 1.0 bios but how can I check this ? I know how to check for vista slic but not for slp 1.0

    I used this guide http://forums.mydigitallife.net/posts/8093 but I did not use the winnt.sif file since I got an error in line 24 so I took an manual install.
    What is this line 24 error ?

    Thanks for you help.
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