WSL: xfce4 desktop on Debian

Discussion in 'Windows 11' started by Akko, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Akko

    Akko MDL Junior Member

    Aug 21, 2009
    Hi, I got Debian running incl. single xfce4 GUI apps as instructed by M$, but not the full xfce4 desktop.
    On W10 it had been easy with GWSL and a shortcut that just executed ~/startxfce4
    AFAIK W11 provides its own X-server, so that it should be possible to just
    a) export DISPLAY=localhost:<number> in ~/.bashrc in Debian
    b) do startxfce4 in Debian
    c) call mstsc in W11 with some <number> setting
    But for the heck of it I just cannot make the xfce4 Debian desktop appear (just the bottom task bar)
    Any ideas how it works?
    In the end I'd like to have a singel Powershell script that does it all - or perhaps better by AutoIt?
    Im running W11 Home.