X1650 Pro on Windows 98?

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    Hello everyone,this my first post in awhile and it wasn't intended to be funny but it probably is to most Anyway right now I'm dual booting WinXP and Win 7 and I thought I would install Windows 98SE to play old games on.Well it installed ok and I got it updated and got sound and internet working,but no joy as far as video goes.The only drivers I could find for 9x only went as far as X800.I can't even get more than 640x480 and 16 colors,it just won't install ANY drivers,generic or otherwise.So what I'm asking is thisoes anyone know of any way to get my card working? Modded drivers or some kind of program to fool the system into thinking it's an X800 card,or that it's XP instead of 98?I know I'm probably dreaming and my mobo(Asus P2S800DX) doesn't even have onboard video I could try,so I thought I would ask the experts here for advice,and if it comes down to virtual machine software,which one would be the best,free or otherwise? Thanks a bunch in advance.:wallbash:
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    I can't help you with drivers for Win 98 but there are several ways to run old games in newer systems. What games are you looking to run?