X205-s9359 wireless switch bypass

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    is there a way to bypass in dsdt the wireless function TVAP toshiba value added package
    im trying to turn on new atheros ar5b91 wireless and it shows up but pin 20 tape doesnt help

    its for osx with dsdt.aml and can be modded to test before hardcoding it to flash.

    but in linux with no dsdt mod still same issue. the original intel 3945 shows and works in linux.
    so the LINX, 1 in dsdt doesnt make a difference to the Device (VALZ) does it use hotkeys on linux differently right ?

    or is it a subvendor subsystem lock ? or is it the bios 2.70 i see they disabled ASPM L0s function for xb63 and xb72
    (i have no clue what Los function is)
    this would be an xb91 but non toshiba subvendors. should i try to get xb91 from toshiba to see if its subvendor ?

    im pretty sure its the hotkey function to turn it on. any way to return enabled always in dsdt permanent.. ?