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Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by implague, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. implague

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    Oct 30, 2008
    hey guys i hav a bootable cd which has unattented setup it has some teasy noise at startup i want to take out that noise that noise is actually the tone which windows generaly has on startup but this is diffrent and it iritates me so can nebody plz help to delete that perticular sound from that cd image usin power iso?
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    Apr 29, 2008
    XP startup and shutdown sounds are located at C:\Windows\Media folder. You can swap these with any wav file you want..just rename the new file the same as the old one to make it easier to use right away.

    Inside the ISO, they could have added different sounds as a compessed exe file to install additional wav files inside the media folder and have a registry tweak to point to the new sounds or they may have just swapped the originals inside the I386 folder.

    File name for start up wav file on the ISO:


    Extract the file from your ISO, then in command line, expand the file by using the command:


    Play the expanded file in Media Player to see if this sounds the same as the starup you dislike.

    If it is;

    Dont just delete this out of your I386 folder or setup will throw an error about missing files. You need get a start up wav file you like, rename it XPSTARTU.WAV, then compress it in command line using the MAKECAB XPSTARTU.WAV command, and swap in the new file using UltraISO.

    If the XPSTARTU.WA_ file on the ISO is not the same startup sound you hear you will need to examine the files and folders inside the $OEM$ folder for any additional sounds that may be getting installed from there. Another area of interest if they cant be found inside the $OEM$ section is to look for the installer inside the SVCPACK folder which is inside the I386.

    This is where hotfixes are normally ran from during setup, but it can be used to install other things. If you find that a exe inside here are to install extra sounds you just need to delete that exe file.

    Then you need to extract the SVCPACK.IN_ file from your I386 folder, expand it using the same command line commands above, open the expanded file with notepad, find the line that pointed to the exe file you removed from SCVPACK folder, exit and save changes, then recompress the file using MAKECAB and add the edited SVCPACK.IN_ back to your ISO.