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Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by gazza1988, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Hi guys first post just wanted to know something.

    bit of background:

    i have a gateway gm5046b pc, the hard drive died and i installed an oem xp mce edition on a new hard drive back in 2007.

    i have since found it lagging and i have had a virus attack, so im just re-installing again, i downloaded many OEM cds from TPB but all say key is invalid (a retail key works) i dont want a dodgy version so i thought id ask here.

    that torrent i downladed has now disappeared and the ones left dont accept the product key on the back (says invalid key) i have tried many different possibilities for a couple of very slightly faded charachters but to no avail.

    using the oem bios tool i can use 3 different types

    F: Gateway OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=A04597C6
    F: Gateway & eMAchines OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=C86378C7
    F: Elite Group OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=8EE1223C

    i have an xbox360 and regularly transcode360 vidoe over to it, and i know there is a certain way to install updates to get it to work, so i am after a sp2 version.

    i have read about sha1 files and to be honest i am struggling to get my head round it all.

    all i need is an iso file that will install xp mce sp2 on my gateway pc, and i can use my own product key. if anybody (long shot i know) has such an iso they would be willing to share that would be great, of if someone could let me know what i need to do to make on as i feel the tutorials on here are a little vague in their description
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    you can find links Here I you want to combine both cd's into 1 dvd information is posted a few posts below link I posted. You will also need to change setupp.ini file in i386 folder to.
    i would try Gateway & eMAchines OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=C86378C7 oembios files if adding them to cd i386 folder you need to download the compressed ones I have sent you PM.
  3. stayboogy

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    May 1, 2011
    yep, urie has you set. i downloaded from that same link a few months ago and can confirm it is what you are looking for other than the oembios files and winnt.sif--you will have to put the correct key here, along with any other unattended tweaks you might like. the stickies, especially this one: http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/7580-How-To-Create-PRO-OEM-SLP-CD (scroll to "source 2" instructions) are not vague and explain exactly what to do, well all except making sure the correct key is in the winnt.sif

    and for future reference stay away from torrent sites. they are notorious for having "tainted" software/OSes.
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