XP SP3 Install Errors

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    Copy, and paste, the coded links after the "forums.mydigitallife.net" in this site's URL.

    Let's say I started out with the 'en_windows_xp_professional_n_with_service_pack_3_x 86_cd_vl_x14-78118' iso image as shown in the following link. I didn't want WMP included with all it's registry blah.
    Now again, let's say I used the OEMBIOS tool to find the proper files needed.
    Now for the very last step, I used this tutorial to rebuild the image into (supposedly) an OEM one.
    I went to start a clean install, and it created, formatted, and copied the install files over successfully. But... on the reboot I get these messages with a estimated time of about 39 minutes left.

    Any ideas what went wrong? Is it possible that the 'N' version doesn't work with this method? Assuming I don't want a specific brand OEM right off the bat, what ISO version is the best for converting to OEM?
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    The method described there only works for normal version!!!
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