Yes, you can replace an Xbox One HDD without the original.

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    I will upload a tutorial soon.

    A customer came to me with a challenge, the dreaded Xbox One black screen of death. Since the console was knocked, the internal HDD was killed in the process.

    Using Linux I formatted correct partitions with matching GUIDs onto a new drive, installed OSU2 (in my case) to an NTFS USB drive, booted holding BIND and EJECT and pressing the power button whilst still holding the BIND and EJECT buttons for 15 seconds until a second power on beep sounded. Next it installed the update (OSU2) then finally booted to the dashboard. From there I factory reset the console to clear the NAND of previous user settings then finally hit setup and updated the console to 10.0.16299.3036 (rs3_release_xbox_dev_1710.171020-1745) with no issues.

    Please bare in mind editing any Xbox One hardware can result in a console ban, but it seems in this case all connections are fine and multiplayer has been tested. Also, the new HDD should be the same or closest match to your original drive. I'm not sure if the NAND retains Hard Disk information. I had to switch from OSU1 to OSU2 since it seems you cannot skip major updates and have to install them one after another.

    If anyone has the black screen of death issue I can help you, so feel free to post here.
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