Zalman ZM-VE300

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Maff20, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Mar 9, 2013
    Just bought one of these VE300 devices. Top drawer, after messing around with grub loaders, YUMI, sardu etc on pen drives this thing is a god send. Virtual DVD hardware built in to a 2.5 sata caddy, usb3 connection. You can mount any ISO on the drive and also boot in dual mode allowing access to the storage and virtual drive simultaneously. Finally I can install direct from windows/linux ISOs without dicking about with partitions and menus and all the rest.

    Anyway, enough praise. The single worst thing about the unit (and only mentionable fault) is the horrible jog switch for menu navigation, feels rather flimsy and with no easy way to register the product or mention of length of warranty I found myself emailing zalman to inquire about the RMA process or product registration just in case.

    I can't believe that there only seems to be two companies in the whole wide world that are manufacturing these devices, iodd and zalman. Why oh why has no one else caught on to the fact that this is an in-disposable techie tool and made their own? I'd love to see a western digital or similar incarnation of the same device using higher quality switches.


    Just my thoughts for anyone that cares.