“PöserHäcker” vs “RabeundFuchs” - War in the Warez Scene!

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    War in the Warez Scene!

    In his blog, a hacker who goes by the pseudonym “PöserHäcker” claims he gained access to the data of 770,000 registered users of the myGully.com Warez forum. To prove his claim, the unknown hacker provided The H’s associates at heise Security with a 100-MByte database extract. The file contains almost 200,000 private messages, some of which have already been verified as authentic by members of the forum.

    The unknown hacker has threatened to publish the stolen data, including IP and email addresses within six weeks. Users who have shared copyrighted material through the forum were given the option of “buying themselves out” by removing their uploads from the forum and sending a confirmation message to the hacker. Among other things, the hacker accused the myGully.com operators of storing IP addresses and of censoring the forum. He called on the admins to resign – threatening to publish their private data if they don’t.

    A short time later, blogger “RabeundFuchs” claimed that the campaign by “PöserHäcker” was instigated by rival forum boerse.bz and threatened to retaliate, saying that he intended to publish a database excerpt of the boerse.bz forum, which has more than 700,000 registered members. The blogger has already published private data he claims belong to the operators of boerse.bz. This includes emails linking the boerze.bz operators to the share.cx file hosting service. The blogger also claims to possess about 100 Mbytes of data from share.cx, including users’ IP addresses. A report from the statistics of a partner program reveals payments amounting to more than €175,000 for this operator.



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    Police confiscate hardware from VPN provider (PartII)

    Police confiscate hardware from VPN provider

    VPN provider Perfect Privacy is reporting that, on Friday morning (August 20th) police searched a house occupied by a Perfect Privacy network provider. The search warrant was reportedly issued on suspicion that unknown perpetrators may have routed potentially criminal communications via the servers in the German city of Erfurt.

    Perfect Privacy is an association of private individuals from all over the world who operate VPN servers and offer the service via a common interface. Users can pay to route their entire web traffic in encrypted form through Perfect Privacy servers, thus reducing traceability. Perfect Privacy claims not to keep log files.

    Five PCs, including storage media, were confiscated, resulting in losses totalling €6000 to €6500. The company is at pains to point out that computers used in connection with the VPN service are completely encrypted. According to Perfect Privacy, police did not confiscate the actual VPN servers, "Perfect Privacy's servers in Erfurt are [...] still online, can be pinged, and Perfect Privacy continues to be in the possession of the root access and all administrative rights."

    The company has nevertheless temporarily suspended the Erfurt servers to give members with "elevated security needs" time to be made aware of the ongoing police investigation. Why the police confiscated the administrator's computers rather than the VPN servers and whether the police are implementing other measures such as eavesdropping on telecommunications are both unknown. Perfect Privacy is applying, through a lawyer, for leave to view the files relating to the case.

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