【HELP】Can't Flash Phoenix BIOS (HP compaq Presario F575AU )

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    My Phoenix BIOS File:losttitan.comli.com/BAK.wph
    SWinFlash Error code : -161(0xFFFFFF5F) Part Table Signature not found in the Interface.
    phlash16.exe Error: Platform Signature not found in the interface.

    My gmail.com email:
    I try to use phoenixtool219 to fix it...but i don't know how to use this magic tool
    This thing had already spend me 3 days...
    I beg you guys to help me fix it

    :worthy:Thank you for all your help

    You MUST specify a RW Everything report
    Phoenix BIOS
    Written ACPI1.BIN
    Written DECOMPC0.ROM
    Written USER1.ROM
    Written MOD_2A00.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD0.ROM
    Written ROMEXEC0.ROM
    Written ACPI0.AML
    Written DISPLAY0.ROM
    Written LOGO0.BIN
    Written LOGO1.BIN
    Written LOGO2.BIN
    Written LOGO5.BIN
    Written ROMEXEC1.ROM
    Written LOGO3.BIN
    Written LOGO4.BIN
    Written MISER0.ROM
    Written MOD_4800.ROM
    Written MOD_4B00.ROM
    Written MOD_5100.ROM
    Written OPROM0.ROM
    Written OPROM1.ROM
    Written OPROM2.ROM
    Written OPROM3.ROM
    Written OPROM4.ROM
    Written SETUP0.ROM
    Written STRINGS0.ROM
    Written TEMPLAT0.ROM
    Written UPDATE0.ROM
    Written USER0.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD1.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD2.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD3.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD4.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD5.ROM
    Written ESCD.ROM
    Written HOLE0.ROM
    Written HOLE1.ROM
    Written HOLE2.ROM
    Written HOLE3.ROM
    Written HOLE4.ROM
    Written HOLE5.ROM
    Written HOLE6.ROM
    Written BB.ROM
    SLIC header found in BIOSCOD1.ROM at 1B
    Pubkey found in HOLE5.ROM at 0
    Marker found in HOLE6.ROM at 0
    'SLIC' string found in BIOSCOD4.ROM at E831
    OEM/Table IDs identified are:
    2. HP MCP51M
    3. HP MCP51M
    Pubkey in HOLE5.ROM (x1)
    Marker (2.0) (HPQOEMSLIC-MPC) in HOLE6.ROM (x1)