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    Aug 4, 2011
    Windows wasn't genuine so I used MBR Regenerator to kick it back to 30 day trial to re-activate.

    But when it rebooted, I got the same message like in the pic.

    Is there any way to fix/repair this?

    We installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 via a usb stick.

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    Based on what you said, you never activated it and just let the 30 day trial run. You can activate 7 essentially at any time, no need to do any "kick back" first. Looks to me you just might need a repair install to get it to boot.

    Is this a new installation? If it is, you might consider wiping your drive and reinstalling 7 to have a clean installation.

    When you do get you system booted, you need to activate it using either a method suggested by this forum or a Microsoft supplied key.