2 New USB 3 Drivers from AMD's New AM1 APU System, (not in murphy78 April update)

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    The new APUs have CPU+GPU+Motherboard Chipset in them. They are rated at 25 watts. Athlon Quad Core at the high end with Radeon R3 HD 8400 built-in. Not very expensive, about $ 150 USD for Motherboard & High End APU. All motherboards have USB 3 and SATA @ 6GB/s. VGA and HDMI (4K HD Supported) at a minimum .
    I was installing Windows 7 64-bit from a USB 3.0 memory stick in a USB 3.0 socket. It started to load and asked for the USB 3.0 drivers which it could not read yet because the drivers were on the USB 3.0 memory stick. Here is a backup of the Drivers for that system. Maybe some of you will know how to fix this to stop future problems.

    https : // dl.dropboxusercontent.com / u / 15158351 / AMD_AM1_DriverBackup.zip
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    You can distort the link.

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    1) You can always install from usb2 port.
    2) You can integrate the drivers into the wim files yourself.
    Use Murphy's guide here: http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/47875-Windows-Integration-Guide-murphy78
    There are so many drivers it's not wise to just integrate everything. Plus it would make everything HUGE in size.
    Have you seen some of the drivers packs out there?
    The new AMD chipsets with raid also need Boltan raid drivers integrated as well...
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    Good info, I'll do it.