[4Fun:] 6 Windows 8-1-1 Application rights levels

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    I just played with my W8-1-1 and discovered, that OS recognises 6 application rights levels.
    Could you find any other? :)

    Click on the image:

    System - I use PsExec.exe -hsid cmd from SysInternals Suite to run apps at this level...
    High - Everything "Elevated" or everything with LUA entirely disabled.
    Medium - Default level for apps with LUA enabled, IE11 x64 frame process or Chrome 37 x64 broker process
    Low - IE11 x64 Protected Mode tab processes or Chrome 37 x64 shared services (GPU, Flash, PDF) process
    AppContainer - IE11 x64 Enhanced Protected Mode tab processes
    Untrusted - Chrome 37 x64 sandboxed tab processes

    It is interesting, that if you will set LUA to disabled in W8-x-x registry, you will also loose Protected and Enhaced Protected Mode (and x64 processes) in IE (together with whole Medium level), while in W7 setting UAC to zero has no effect on Protected and Enhaced Protected Mode (and x64 processes) in IE.