7260 win7 _rtm server enterprize iso activation

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Dreuzel, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Dreuzel

    Dreuzel MDL Junior Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    I've downloaded a 7260 win7 _rtm server enterprize iso

    on itself it starts nicely but i"m a bit confused in versions and procedures to activate.

    In this forum I see windows 2008 server as key word, the above
    should I think match for this althouw I'm confused now.

    I read about slic 2.1 and slic 2( I've an asus Sliced Bios)
    I'ts my impression I need a Slic 2.1 for this version....
    and I can not have the asus Slic 2.1 Yet
    But there are at least Dell Slic2.1 available

    But I've read about the bios loader and wow2 ...

    so Ican boot a bios in memory prior to bootin using a Grub booter
    this sounds nice. I's my guess i can boot the Dell- Slic2.1 prior
    to booting windows server 2008 version

    Do I need to addapt the ISO/ or the installed system to be accept the dell slic 2.1 ?

    -what do I need ? -as last recent bootloader (for serve 2008 7260)
    how do I adopt the bootloader to preset a Dell Slic2
    How do I adopt the installed system in beleiving it's a DELL OEM version and no longere an RTM ?

    thanks for guiding me a bit, with all the patches and free activation keys .... I do not see the essentials any more ....

    I would love to get the Win7 server 2008 7260 up and running ...
  2. Dreuzel

    Dreuzel MDL Junior Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    sorry for insisting,
    I agree maybe this is the core of my problem.
    I think/thought I'm in the right forum
    7260 win7 rtm ENTERPRIZE SERVER 2008, belongs to the Windows Server forum. not the Windows forum?
    This is where (I beleive) the related SLICS are published
    mayby not the right place for the bios loader
    But please help me if I'm wrong, the location to find out how to change
    the rtm.iso kit to an Oem kit for a windows server 2008.

    thanks for helping me