A couple of questions regarding Windows 8 Pro offered through DreamSpark Premium.

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by secretromeo, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. secretromeo

    secretromeo MDL Senior Member

    Mar 30, 2011

    I have recently signed up for an ACM student account and therefore I've got an year-worth access to their DreamSpark Premium web store. I have been offered two different product keys for Windows 8 Pro, one each for:

    Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32/64-bit (English)
    Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32/64-bit (French)

    I have a few questions to ask.

    1) Can I use the French product key to activate an English version of Win 8 Pro?
    2) The DreamSpark Premium licenses seem to be just like the retail version of Win 8 and not upgrade licenses. Does that mean that if ever I re-install (via a clean install) Win 8 on my PC, I will be able to successfully activate my license using the same product key I used to install and activate earlier?
    3) The DreamSpark EULA says I can install and use the Windows 8 Pro OS they offer on not more than 2 machines. Does that mean what I'm actually getting through my DreamSpark account are 4 licenses for Windows 8 Pro in case if the answer to my 1st question is a YES?
  2. Tito

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    Nov 30, 2009
    1. Yes.
    2. Exactly, its retail. You can do it, but it is better to use something like this in this scenario.
    3. Theoretically yes; practically more if you consider phone activation.

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  3. FaiKee

    FaiKee Misinformation spreader

    Jul 24, 2009
    I have used one key to reinstall 4~5 times on same machine but different drives, everytime it just activates by itself upon complete installation. :D
  4. Newtechie

    Newtechie MDL Novice

    Oct 23, 2012
    Can I use the keys provided to us all on the ACM student account for Windows 8 pro to instal the windows 8.1 pro OS also??

    Please share..
  5. Bat Man

    Bat Man MDL Novice

    Dec 31, 2012

    Yes you can absolutely use Windows 8 Pro Keys to activate Windows 8.1 like how i have activated mine :biggrin: ...its working absolutely fine