A LITTLE HELP?! Power problems after flashing NW9440 modded BIOS (whitelist removed)

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    Dec 2, 2010

    I flashed my BIOS with the HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation (version F.1D 11-jul-2008) (whitelist removed) so I could use another pci-e WiFi card in my laptop.

    The computer came with an Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG card and I wanted to install an upgraded card, the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN because it allows for better throughput (54G versus 108G).

    After installing the card, the computer booted fine and I had no trouble installing the drivers. I used the card for a couple days enjoying the faster speeds with no issues.

    I put the computer into standby (sleep) mode the first night and it woke up fine the next day. Then, the next night because I was running a disk clean program that was going to take a couple of hours to complete, I sat my power options to 1.) Turn off monitor after 10 minutes. 2.) Turn off hard drive after 2 hours. 3.) Go into standby mode after 3 hours. I then closed the computer monitor lid and went to bed.

    This morning, the computer would not wake up. I lifted the lid and pressed the power button... nothing. The power and charging lights were on, but it wouldn't start up. I then held the power button for 10 seconds so it would shut off and restart... nothing. No boot and no lights whatsoever.

    I disconnected the AC adapter and tried to start it from the battery... nothing. I tried removing the battery and starting the computer on AC only... nothing.

    Because the only thing I had changed in the past few days has been the BIOS and new WiFi card, I removed the card and the computer booted right up as normal. I have found that I can start the computer with the RAM/WiFi access cover removed, go into standby mode once Windows starts, insert the WiFi card and replace cover (inserting the card immediately brings the computer out of standby), then restart Windows. Upon restarting, the computer again recognizes the WIFI card and it works.

    However, if I completely shut down the computer, it will not boot as described above... no lights, no fan, hard drive, nothing. I have to remove the WiFi card and go through the process I just described to get it going again.

    Does anyone know if there is anything I can do (short of putting my old, slow WiFi card back in) to remedy this issue?

    What is the conflict, I wonder? Why will the computer "restart" and boot fine, but will not boot after a complete shutdown?

    I have the most current driver I can find for the Intel 4965AGN (Aug 2010) and I have unchecked the option under the card's properties, "Power Management" tab to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." Although, I don't know that this would have anything to do with the not booting issue I have experienced... thought I'd try it. It didn't help.

    System info:

    Intel Core 2 (not Duo) @ 2.16Ghz
    2GB PC2-5300 @ 667MHz RAM
    Windows XP Pro SP3

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    F10- Reset to factory defaults did SOMETHING... BUT PROBLEMS PERSIST.

    Now the computer will shut down and restart, but when the computer is turned off, two power lights stay on when the A/C is connected AND when the A/C is disconnected but the battery is inserted. The only way I can get the power lights to turn off is to remove the battery.

    I also cannot get the Num Lock light to turn off. It stays lit whether the Num Lock is engaged or not.

    Any ideas why the WiFi card would now be preventing these lights from turning off and eating my battery? Click on pic to see lights.

    comp lights.JPG