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    May 5, 2009
    It is often stated in the posts that there is risk as well as possible legal issues involved with some of what is done here. In fact I first became aware of this forum and its work while trying to undo the damage caused by something from this site that went wrong. On the other hand the more I have read the more I found that is legit and/or at least can be put to legit use to make it easier and faster to do my job. I tried to search for the threads I have read and all the tools I have downloaded in the past and was not able to locate them all; therefore I will not mention specific persons and their tools, for fear of leaving someone out, and will say that I wish to acknowledge that a great deal of knowledge is combined with time and efforts to produce useful, even if sometimes dangerous, tools.

    My main point is to say TO ALL: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    With that said, I have a few requests.

    The first request is that more of the repair/recovery info and tools be combined into an easier to find and use “sticky” thread so as to make it much less time consuming to find solutions to the problems caused by the few but inevitable disasters that will occur. Some, maybe even much, has already been done along these lines; the problem is in finding it and understanding it.

    My second request is that you all put your heads together to combine the already existing parts/tools found on this site into a very powerful and simple to use AIO tool (or perhaps two tools, one for Vista, one for Seven). Let me explain:

    The most common reason for reinstalling the OS is due to malware. In most cases that means everything needed for legit offline activation, as well as correct and complete Branding, of an OEM machine (meaning a machine with a SLIC already in the BIOS) is already present on the HDD. By everything I mean choosing and reinstalling the same flavor and using a COA key that might still be available. Even in the case of a “retail” installation it is possible to perform legit offline activation if all the right steps are followed before and after the OS installation. The problem in my case is remembering and following all the correct steps. Could you all combine all the tools and automate that whole process and make the use of any “loaders” and/or “removers” and/or other such questionable tools a matter of choice, that is, an “opt in” and/or “opt out” rather than done automatically and without a choice?

    I understand that even though all the various stand-alone tools needed to do the above already exist, it is not a simple matter to combine and automate them to work together. If it were a simple matter, I could and would do it for myself.

    My third request: Sometimes due to failed HDD (very often the case with laptops) nothing from the HDD is available and as a result it becomes a much simpler process. Perhaps that explains why I have discovered more than one approach to dealing with this situation. In fact I have spent quite a while reading the various approaches and all I got out of it was confused. So my request is that they be combined into a “sticky” thread as well along with some hint being given as to which is fastest and/or simplest and/or best, etc. to use or at least some idea of any “pros” or “cons.”

    I understand that the main things happening here are illegitimate and therefore you all may not be interested in putting that much effort into the above. If so, I understand. And therefore my last request is that if any of you are aware of any such information and efforts on other forums (msfn, technet, ect.) would you be so kind as to post links to those threads here?
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    Welcome to the world...lol It is not a safe place all the time. However, with experimental programs there is always a risk as is there in everyday life...lol

    That being said I have found all participants here mostly to always inform users that the softwares used are for proof of concept and shouldn't be used by extreme beginners...lol Except for removeWAT and daz loader which is designed for beginners at heart:)

    Try the repository on page 1 Section 6-H...lol

    I find removeWAT and daz loader very easy and in intelligent consideration to beginners to account for user error and general improper use.

    I have never seen such awesome attention to detail based alternative activation programming for use with the (famous) RTM and again precise accounting for the most extreme of beginners and the mistakes they sometimes make...lol

    I believe these developers to be extremely intelligent to foresee and work around matters dealing with providing (for free mind you) greats ways to test Operating software without forking over the big bucks demanded by software companies. I have noticed massive cooperation between and among developers here so I trust their creativity in being able on their own to work together or combine tools as they see fit or not...lol

    It is definitely beneficial to the alternative software user to keep up on reading the more popular threads for troubleshooting due to improper usage of activation tools as well a matter of staying on top of things regarding knowing when to use updated software like the latest version of daz loader or removeWAT which by the way have near perfectly accomplished their activation goals which I am certain was a deliberate implementation decided by the developers so good at what they do here

    Seems the world is not a healthy lucid place with lot's of illegitimate actions and laws that we must all follow or pay the conisquences but even given that I have felt the most integrity and loyal helpfulness of any forum I have ever been to or participated in:)
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    May 5, 2009

    I am not here to complain even though it appears I came across more negative than was my intention. My mistake! And my apology to ALL.

    I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE ATTIUDE, TONE AND TENOR OF THIS FORUM. And that is why I felt it would be a good place to ask for help.

    YES YOU ARE RIGHT, probably most of the info I seek is already on this forum--somewhere. The problem is in finding it and making sense of it.

    YES ABSOLUTELY, if you want to know how to do something illegitimate there is a great deal of information and several different ways to do it (I do understand the reason for the existance of this forum and I am not wanting to debate the issue) but even on those topics there is so much info and so many different ways of doing it that it can be confusing. And while I might consider "experimenting" with some of it on my personal machines. I will ONLY use what is "safe" and "legit" on computers belonging to someone else.

    AGAIN, I understand that I am asking for something different than what is normally done here. Even so my best guess is that what I am asking for has already been done or at the very least has been seriously considered. So what is the downside in asking? Someone telling me: "Not just NO! but HECK NO!" I think I can handle that.
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    what i do is use the "Search" function up top ..
    usually a related "Keyword" will get me close if not right where i need to be ..

    also.. the trip you take getting to your information is just as important ..
    as you will come across useful/related info. from other members' experience, tips, etc ..


    May 5, 2009
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    I HAVE BELIEVE ME I HAVE! and most often get no results.

    Please reread the first paragraph of my first post.

    I have copied the name of tools that I know I got from this site into it and cannot find them again. I have copied into *.txt files the instructions that accompanied the tools and I have copied phrases from them into "Search" and get zilch OR A ZILLION.

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    Feb 28, 2010
    so you expect the Mods & Admins to index the entire forum .. just for you ?

    i have read through your entire "BOOK" ..which is 27 lines too many..

    i am sharing my experiences.. if you are too lazy or not smart enough to use the "Search" function..
    then that's all your fault.. you have no business in a "Tech" forum ...

    Part of Computers/Technology is Trouble-shooting ..
    it's rarely black & white ..

    the last time i checked.. the Mods and Admins don't charge for your admission..

    hypothetically.. lets just say you really cant find the info you're looking for .. .. SO WHAT? . Get over it !
    learn to research ..
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    For this particular matter you should get acquainted with Acronis - saves you a lot of time and work.