A Suitable Power Cord for Seasonic PSU's in India

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    I recently purchased a seasonic S12II 430 watt 80+ bronze psu.
    The power cord they have given me doesn't has any ground pin in it(Linetek lp-33 power cord.see the attached text file for the link to the image.)
    On searching i found out that such power cords are for europian countries were they have ground pin already present in
    their sockets.I am from india and we do not have any such thing.
    Can anybody suggest a 3-pin power cord to use with the above mentioned seasonic smps.Also i have a volex IA6A3 6A/250V(written on the side which goes into wall outlet probably into my ups back side and "Volex V1625 10A 250V~ VC" is written on the other connecting point side which goes into the psu) power cord.Can i use this volex power cord with my seasonic smps mentioned above?

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    All PSU's come with modular power connectors, so you can find and replace it with another 230v 6A cable with 3 pins 3 wires. they are about 15/20 INR in Nehru Place Delhi.