Accessing shared removable drive (Pen drive) even after the system reboots

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    Nov 30, 2012

    I have 10 computers in my department and is peer to peer network with Win XP Pro on all the computers. One computer is working as file server.

    Problem facing:

    1. Users often connects their pen drive of different capacity or make.
    2. They want to store some data from their pen drive to the file server.
    3. Users are not given full access permission to format / share / delete on their respective computers.
    4. They are not given permission to access file server on security basis.
    5. The user sitting on the file server would access each users removable drive and copy the required data to the file server.
    6. For this he either go to the users computer and transfer the data to the file server or share the removable drive every time to copy the data to the file sever.
    7. Once the user's system reboots, the file server user need to share the removable drive again and again.

    Action taken:
    1. Shared the removable disk on the user system.
    2. Mounted the shared removable disk volume to a shared folder in C:\ drive.
    3. Accessed the mounted drive from file server.
    4. But he could not access mounted drive when the user connects a different pen drive apart from the one which is used at the time of volume mounting.

    Solution Required:

    1. The user sitting on the file server would require to access the different pen drive / removable drives from file server system irrespective of the different pen drives connects.

    Thanks in advance.