Acer 2490 Travelmate LIMITED BIOS

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    Hello.My chipset- i940GML.I bought the Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 (SL9VY).It doesnt work (black screen and nothing else).Another person confirmed that T2080 works on i940GML in Acer 3690.I think that the main reason is bios- limited by producers.My current bios:

    BIOS Type:Phoenix
    BIOS Date:August 12th 2008
    BIOS ID:NAPA0001.86C.0036.D.0808121332 -None
    BIOS OEM:V3.60
    Chipset:Intel 27A0 rev 3

    Which modded bios can I install and how can I do this ?

    From wiki:
    The 940GML supported (official) processors: Celeron M, Core Solo, Pentium Dual-Core

    Sorry for my bad english!.

    Thanks a lot !!.