Acer 4810t - Latest Official Bioses - Is these now Actually Slic 2.1 Official ?

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    I had downloaded a modded bios for Acer 4810TGZ i think it was called, even i have a 4810T but its exactly the same Bioses, only diffrence with 4810T and TG and TGZ or at least i remembered called TGZ , anyway, someone from this forum had Modded it for the 4810TXX but it worked flawless for 4810T. So its not because its important at this moment, but still is it SLIC 2.1 by Acer i would preferre to re-flash machine with that.

    The Version im Talking about for all ACER 4810 Series, is both 1.30 , 1.31 and there "Speciel Edition 2009 there have that "Official Olympic Winter Games" thing, and its 2.30 and 2.31 .. (Why they release both 1.30 and 2.30 i really dont know. Its actually the 3rd time they have re-release those 4 files .. First time was in November, second time was 4 / 1 - 2010 and now its says 27 / 1 - 2010 - I have run there throue the Phoenix Toolkit 1.10 and they say all have 2 Pub Key one for SLIC 2.0 and 2.1 and i verify with a SLIC 2.0 it says on of the Pub Keys is Indentical and obviously that the other isnt .. and same with a SLIC 2.1 Cert it says the same.

    But i test it with the same bios versions when it was release 4 / 1 - 2010 but when i was flashing at that time and try to install a clean windows and use SLIC Dumptoolkit just to check what it say before i installed actually cert it still say 2.0 - so i just leave it and re-flash with the mention bios above.

    But now the bios is like i said again being release, and i guess its because the Windows 7 Free Upgrade Program is finish actually yesterday according to Microsoft, and there for Acer might have re-release latest bioses just with the SLIC 2.1 active ..

    Could someone tell if its actually Active or it still is 2.0 -


    Link for Bios 1.31
    Bios 1.31 - Latest Released 27/1-2010

    Link for Bios 2.31 [Its actually the same just with Olympic Sponsor i would like this tested if any can do it
    Bios 2.31 - Latest Released 27/1-2010 (Special Edition 2009)


    The topic whare i also try to get answer with the 4810tgz
  2. Svend Rugaard

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    Dec 29, 2007
    Anyone plz help :)
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    Just download the correct SLIC tool for your Bios (AMI, Award or Phoenix/Insyde/EFI Tool).
    Then open the bios in the appropriate tool and a pop-up will tell you if it has SLIC 2.0 or SLIC 2.1.
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  4. Svend Rugaard

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    Dec 29, 2007
    As i try to explain on the start off the topic (Maybe i do it wrong, my english isnt good) .. But
    .. The BIOS have since 1.28 i think got 2 Pubkeys - If i test a Slic 2.1 one of the says good and one says bad .. its the same issue with these versions ..

    As i try to explain on topic start was that if i tried to install cert and key for the slic 2.1 it didnt activate, and slic dump toolkit say it was 2.0 ... I have as i also try to explain in start found a modded version of 1.30 made original for 4810txz or something but its the same bioses., but

    I wont install a Bios if i then need to reflash , again , because it go back to 2.0 Slic even the BIOS shows 2 pub keys , and vice versa .. So my question was if someone could say if it would stay as 2.1 if i reflash or it will go back to 2.0 and / how to activate the pubkey wich it says veried OK for with a Cert for Acer-NEW , both in Slic Dumptoolkit and Insyde / Phoexnix flash tool. And this was the same thing i says before i installed this modded bios. I dont know exactly what i have to look for to see if its active or non active.

    Remember my Computer is "borned" with Vista Home Premium, and upgraded free to Windows 7 .. But as it is now, i have install Windows 7 as Dual Boot on VHD because i have Activated Win 7 Home Premium x86, but could i know this official bios is SLIC 2.1 active then i would actually keep my settings until reinstall where i would activate my Windows 7 just as x64 version with my Origal key, and then install Windows x32 Ultimate x86 as VHD, because in this way, i would better a little more out of Windows x64 if its not Virtual Install on VHD.
  5. natalic

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    Aug 20, 2009
    Did it by hand

    To anyone looking, I hacked the bios already, look @ my thread: threads/16985-Acer-Aspire-4810T-SLIC-2.1-Modded