Acer Aspire 7551G Slic2.1 - Cannot activate Win7

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    Hi everybody,

    I have a problem with Windows 7 activation on my brand new notebook Acer Aspire 7551G.

    I have flashed bios v1.11 from Acer website.
    PhoenixTool shows that this bios already has slic2.1 included.

    Phoenix BIOS (New style)
    Written OPROM03.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD02.ROM
    Written OPROM01.ROM
    Written OPROM00.ROM
    Written OPROM02.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD05.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD01.ROM
    Written LOGO04.BIN
    Written LOGO09.BIN
    Written LOGO0E.BIN
    Written MOD_5100.ROM
    Written MOD_4800.ROM
    Written ACPI00.AML
    Written BIOSCOD00.ROM
    Written SETUP00.ROM
    Written MOD_4B00.ROM
    Written TEMPLAT00.ROM
    Written LOGO03.BIN
    Written LOGO08.BIN
    Written LOGO0D.BIN
    Written LOGO02.BIN
    Written LOGO07.BIN
    Written LOGO0C.BIN
    Written STRINGS00.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD04.ROM
    Written MISER00.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD07.ROM
    Written LOGO00.BIN
    Written LOGO05.BIN
    Written LOGO0A.BIN
    Written BIOSCOD06.ROM
    Written LOGO01.BIN
    Written LOGO06.BIN
    Written LOGO0B.BIN
    Written DISPLAY00.ROM
    Written DECOMPC00.PEI
    Written ACPI05.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD03.ROM
    Written BIOSCOD08.ROM
    Written ACPI03.BIN
    Written ACPI04.BIN
    Written ACPI01.ROM
    Written ACPI02.ROM
    Written volumeinfo.bin
    Written Gap0
    Written volumeinfo.bin_1
    Written Gap1
    Written volumeinfo.bin_2
    Written Gap2
    Written volumeinfo.bin_3
    Written Gap3
    Written volumeinfo.bin_4
    Written Gap4
    Written volumeinfo.bin_5
    Written Gap5
    Written volumeinfo.bin_6
    Written Gap6
    Written BIOSENTRY00.ROM
    Written ROMEXEC01.ROM
    Written Gap7
    Written volumedir.bin2
    Written ROMEXEC00.ROM
    Written ESCD.BIN
    Written HOLE0.ROM
    Written HOLE1.ROM
    Written HOLE2.ROM
    Written HOLE3.ROM
    Written HOLE4.ROM
    Written HOLE5.ROM
    Written HOLE6.ROM
    Written HOLE7.ROM
    Written HOLE8.ROM
    Written HOLE9.ROM
    Written HOLE10.ROM
    Written BB.BIN
    Full SLIC table found in ACPI05.ROM at 0
    'SLIC' string found in BIOSCOD01.ROM at B543
    OEM/Table IDs identified are:
    2. ATI   SB800   
    3. AMD   GUAM    
    Complete SLIC (2.1) (ACRSYSACRPRDCT    ANNI) in ACPI05.ROM (x1)
    SLIC_ToolKit_V3.2 show some kind of error with marker.

    I've used correct certificate and OEM key and i cannot activate Windows 7. Any ideas what is causing this?

    Info attached:
    Pass: acer
    I would like to apologise for that link coding and h**p// but because i'm below 20 posts i couldn't put any links into my post.
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    Anyone? please help!