Acer V3-771G reinstall system

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    Apr 26, 2016
    installing new windows 8 system even without access to the bios and no device able to boot
    test on laptop in UEFI

    I could not boot from any device since the bios had a pass word
    even making bios reset under the memory
    even a usb floppy drive
    the diskdur had no system and impossible to find the password bios
    I saw lots of tutorial on the net but nothing worked

    but I found my solution to reinstall windows 8 and it can be used for all other portable .....

    here is my solution:
    we need another mobile X windows 8 and a USB key and cd windows 8 (or key bootable Windows 8)

    1 _ create a recovery drive on the USB key using the mobile X
    2 _ diskdur remove the Acer V3-771G and put it in the portable X
    3 _ start with the recovery key
    4 _ using the command prompt
    5 _ convert gpt with dispart:
    make a clean and then convert gpt do a primary partition and name the letter of the partition C
    format the primary partition fs = ntfs
    6 _ put the diskdur in portable V3-771G and key recovery cd and windows 8
    7 _ in command prompt type the letter of the CD player and make setup

    ok !!!

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    Feb 27, 2011
    do the reset next to memory with no battery or power.. hold power button while resetting.
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    Apr 26, 2016
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    I have done this before handling I know this does not work there is always the word pass bios but I have at least install the system I do with linux virtual or other cmospwd if I can blow this pass
    I look cmospwd 64 bits to access the bios and skip this pass , but can not be installed on Windows 8 64Bit cmospwd
    perhaps with the key r├ęcuparation cmospwd should work