Acronis 2011 small problem.. Images being deleted after restoration?

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    Ok... I hope I don't confuse you guys... Alright... Seeing soo many people Use Acronis over here : hXXp://

    I decided to get hold of the 2011 trial... Boy, it works fast.... (I previously used 2010, it was a UI mess... horrible, slow...) 2011 is FASTER... But I still dislike non stop backup.. it works... but uses lotsa RAM....

    OK. So my issue is with the program..
    Firstly I will go with a chronological numbering.
    1. Installed Acronis 2011, restarted.
    2. Ran Acronis, clicked on 'Use backup assistant'.
    3. Selected My Computer.
    4. On schedule.
    5. Selected C: drive.
    6. Under 'Backup Scheme' I selected custom, Incremental.
    7. Selected Create a full version after every 5...
    8. Turned on Auto clean up... Pressed OK
    9. Pressed Backup Now.
    10. Backup completed in 6 minutes.... (backed up to secondary internal hard drive)
    11. Creates a recovery disc as I couldn't boot from F1 unless I disabled AHCI
    12. Booted up the disc.
    13. Restored back the system image that was created using Acronis.
    14. Used default settings. Restore was fast faster than Macrium free's Linux.
    15. Windows booted up..
    16. Out of curiousity I just checked Acronis' status.
    To my suprise, there was no backup...
    I thought something was not right... so I manually browsed to where I saved the image.... GASP! The image was deleted....

    Is there a way to prevent the image to be deleted after restore...????
    Because of this I am now testing Acronis in Virtualbox running XP....
    I will have to wait and see for this as if have to installing Acronis, backup, etc.
    EDIT: Looks like Virtualbox hard disk I had which was for 3.2.8 runs horrible in 3.2.10... arghh will reinstall XP.