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    Aug 12, 2011
    Hi, im trawling the whole of the internet trying to find a way to obtain the product key on my oem disc so i can activate my windows. problem is i noted the number on my netbook case to use during installation it was accepted during the initial install but when i went to activate it windows says its invalid and then the customer rep said i may be the victim of software piracy but i got my hologram genuine disc bundled with my netbook when i bought it from a big name uk retailer. I have an idea to the problem... when i first bought my netbook i had problems downloading so i returned the computer to the shop who sent it for repair, i leanred it was checked, formatted and windows reinstalled. I continued with no new problems until a virus struck rendering my computer useless so i went about wiping it and putting windows back on leading me to this new problem.
    I believe when it was formatted and reinstalled during repair they used a different cd than then one used during the factory build hence it rejecting the COA label on the case. So im left thinking how can i find out the the key thats on the cd? I think i noticed you can obtain it on non oem discs. I have 20 days to activate my version i just to use winodws i have a genuine disc im not doing anything illegal please help me anyone.
    I appreciate your help in advance, this is driving me spare :(
    James Ellison. Ireland.
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    Hi!You can find everything on this site!:rolleyes:
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    @ JE80, we need more information you say hologram cd is this system builders oem cd If so it should have activated with your OEM COA it shouldn't matter what version of xp that was installed you are doing fresh install so it should have taken your key only other thing i can think of I some one has used you OEM COA key. Try running oembios tool from The-Windows-XP-OEMBIOS-Archive to see if you have slp 1.0 manufacturer string on your motherboard if so you can make up an OEM SLP cd.
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    Not even close...This is the worst advice thus far...:doh:

    @JE80 if you have a SLP string in the bios from the OEMBIOS.exe tool, just use the changer to add the correct oembios files and key, since you already have the OS installed. You can then make your own repair install disc from the stickies. I would suggest creating a repair partition and usind something like acronis to make it easy to return to the "new" setup.
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    Dear James,

    Could you please tell me the Product ID from your My Computer - Properties - General Tab / Post the screenshot of your System Properties Window.