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    Hi all I just installed mce 2005 on a dell desktop that had Vista on it before and was not running right and wanted xp back. Do I just need a slp key and oem files. I used a generic oem windows xp mce sp3 disc from online. Didn't say what manufacturer it was for but It let me Install but just need to activate. Can anyone help me?
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    You are saying generic windows xp mce oem cd, you should just be able to replace the oem bios files with dell ones and use dell mce serial posted in this thread check to see if there is a winnt.sif file in i386 folder and serial number to that. also search forum for oembios.exe that will tell you the correct dell oembios files to use normally it is ones with crc value of B6F0EEFD these are the latest.