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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by AdFad666, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade a genuine vista installation to windows 7, and then activate it using the various methods found here?

    I've got an HP desktop which I've successfully modded the BIOS on, and a Fujitsu laptop which I haven't modded as of yet, both of which have genuine copies of vista home premium. Would it be possible to activate the HP via SLIC+Cert and the Fujitsu via a loader?

    If anyone's had any experiences activating upgrades, let me know!

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    If you upgrade use something to make an image of your vista installation so you can restore it if necessary. Upgrade installations suck much butt. Once you have made your complete backup and perform the upgrade AND if your system is still functioning then you can activate your OS the same way you would any other installation.

    If however your system will not boot AND you made an image you can either perform a fresh install of 7 or restore your image.

    Couple things to expect performing an upgrade.'

    1. it will take for ever to import and export all of the vista programs and settings.

    2. some drivers from vista will work, some may not and you may have problems locating drivers manually (locate drivers before upgrading, you can also force a vista driver to install but that can be difficult if the driver was already installed on vista).

    3. Your system may be flaky or unstable, some applications that you used to use may not exist in 7 (windows mail).

    EDIT, don't know if fujitsu certs and keys are available, check DAZ's loader or Hot Carl's, both available in the repository.
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