Activating Win 8.1 WMC using Win 8 KMS to WMC upgraded key?

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    I've been trying to search here for almost 2 hours trying to find out if anyone has done this before but haven't found a straight answer.

    I have a friend who would like me to upgrade to his Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. I have his computer permanently activated using the KMS method followed by applying a Media Center key via email from MS about a year ago, and I'm now making a "Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center ISO Only" following the guide halfway below in the thread named "Creating a Windows 8.1 AIO with Media Center Manually."

    So my question is: would I be able to permanently activate 8.1 with Media Center using the WMC key currently on his Win 8 with Media Center activated computer? A while ago I sort of remember something about the WMC key becoming a permanent activation key once applied on top of the original key, or something like that.

    Thanks for any info :)
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    WMC upgrade key does become permanent activation key. But it should be applied on top of a previously activated Windows 8 Core or Pro.
    When you do a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC from the ISO, it will not accept your key, because it is the upgrade key. I have tried the same thing. I have WMC upgrade key, but I do not have the retail Pro key.
    The solution is:
    1. Install Win 8.1 Core or Pro, activate it somehow, maybe with a random retail key. Then upgrade it with your WMC key.

    2. Install Win 8.1 Pro with WMC from the ISO, mess with data.dat file a bit and make it activated with your upgrade key (didn't work for me)