Add Tabs to Windows Explorer!

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    Screenshot from my computer:

    have you ever wished Windows Explorer had Tabs? like IE and Opera?
    i did, but what made me hold off on installing, is the necessity of installing a 3rd party app. which then you have to launch in place of Windows Explorer :(
    which in the end, i'll probably never use because i'll forget to use a different app. for Windows Explorer.

    Well.. no more! You can now add Tabs to Windows Explorer !
    You do not have to launch a separate app. to use Tabs.

    Just launch Windows Explorer, and Tabs will appear. :)

    QTTabs worked great, but is no longer supported, and does not work with Windows 7.
    It was last updated in 2009, and the programmer cannot be contacted.

    Fortunately, someone jumped in to take over, update, and support QTTabs!
    It now works in Windows 7, and Windows 7 SP1, which is what im running.

    As you can see in the screenshot above, it's lovely!

    You can get it here:
    It's absolutely free, and probably the best enhancement to Windows, ever!
    QTTabBar is light, it's just 2 .dll shell extension files.
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