Adding motherboard support to coreboot

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    Hi. I am interested in adding of support of my MB to coreboot. But neither north nor south bridges of my MB are supported. I have downloaded a rom (old bios, Award-Phoenix PG 6.00) from MSI site and try to find the code which initializes the hardware.
    I have opened it in disasm and ... couldnt find entry point.
    Also firmware dumped from my bios chip and downloaded from msi site slightly differ : dumped one has some code in the beginning which looks a little familiar (has a signature in the beginning, but this is not PE signature), downloaded has some pattern.

    1 Where is the entry point to start disassembly from?
    2 As I know award bioses have moduled architecture. how can I split rom to modulles? I tried CBROM, but havent found it useful for it.
    3 Can I reuse existing modules as blobs writing some wrapper which will call parts of code by known offsets?
    4 My rom chip is 1 MB and has SPI interface. Also there is an SPI interface on motherboard. Can I connect another larger rom chip to use it for my expirements without breaking rom in onboard chip?'
    5 Can bochs be useful?