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    Translated from WZOR:

    That's confirmed in our information about what Microsoft is ready to release to the world of antipiracy update for Windows 7 and it is update KB971033 Windows Activation Technologies will be available before the release of beta version of the first service pack SP1 for Windows 7, around February.
    In this regard, many enthusiasts are wondering:
    "And the activation of the operating system Windows 7 flashing BIOS SLIC and OEM SLP key, also fly off?"

    - Yes, "gathering" is if you use OEM SLP key OFF-Line activation found in the network will be blocked by Microsoft. But as soon as a OEM SLP key will be replaced by another, then activate it immediately returns. There are no other possibilities for blocking BIOS SLIC - OEM SLP "pirated" the activation no.

    Another thing when you have no brand PC samosborny ie not from DELL, LENOVO, ASUS and HP, and you just have to use emulation BIOS SLIC marker on the boot partition of your hard drive to activate Windows 7.
    In this case, you must properly configure the system updates, and never allow automatic updating and installing the updates released to Windows 7.

    It is personally convinced that Microsoft provided updates for download does not contain anti-piracy mechanisms, it can be seen from the descriptions of updates on Windows Update.
    Simply, you must hide this update and not install it!

    Interesting and fly off a KMS-activated on the corporate version?
    - Yes, the "fly off" if a corporate client, Windows 7 Enterprise will not receive another confirmation of the authenticity of the activation within 180 days, and this would be the case if the MAC key for KMS-service where your system is activated will be blocked by Microsoft.
    To a large extent for Windows 7 Enterprise Systems life is not complicated.

    In fact, all this fuss about piracy at Microsoft Windows 7 is aimed at ordinary users to deter possible governmental problems with activation and force them to buy a legal version of Windows 7.
    Well, for enthusiasts, these attempts by Microsoft to combat piracy activations not deliver any additional complications.
    Yes, and generally funny to read all sorts of nonsense expressed by representatives of Microsoft about how that network is not distributed in the legal original images of Windows 7 contain viruses, exploits and other filth. All these statements are intended for those who are generally unable to distinguish themselves checksums true distribu-tives from the samovar assemblies kinds samodelkinyh.
    Of course nobody can guarantee that the images samodelkinyh no bookmarks or viruses. Therefore, we recommend you to download exclusively original distributions, whom WZT merged into a network of over 160 pieces for every taste, in addition, you can trust and assembly of BIE with inte-ried them kommulyativnymi update only:

    Mods feel free to delete this........just trolling for more info about what we can expect.