Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and Nvidia Driver Settings

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    Anybody has experienced this problem and if they have, have they resolved it. I tried googling and searching on NVIDIA/Adobe forums but could not find anything:

    My desktop OS is win 8 x64, GPU is NVIDIA GTX560 with 327.23 WHQL drivers. CPU is i7-3930K. In NVIDIA Control Panel, I have changed display settings to custom (as opposed to default) at 50, 55,87. This is a personal preference.

    However, when I open adobe acrobat xi, the nvidia display settings changes to default. I have to change that again. Open adobe xi pro again, and again the same thing.

    This problem also happens in my laptop. However, there I have both integrated Intel GPU (i7-2760) and NVIDIA GTX525m. Thus, I run adobe with IGPU rather than NVIDIA.

    On my desktop (i7-3930K), this option is not there since there is no IGPU.
    I have tried some tweaks in adobe acrobat xi but they do not seem to work at all. The previous adobe version-adobe acrobat x or 10 did not have this problem.
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