Adobe CS6 Virtualization with ThinApp - Notes

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    1. For the 32-bit apps in the CS6 package, installing each into XP SP3 with Thinapp 4.7.3, along with the usual tools copied to the c:\ root, allows for easy virtualization of each application - eg. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. All that's needed is to use the tools to activate the virtualized app on the new host.

    First startup may hiccup - just kill the program in task manager and start it up again. Afterwards, runs fine.

    The real benefit is to avoid the huge bloatware of CS6 on your primary OS when running virtualized CS6 apps. Not needed if you don't care.

    2. Have been trying to virtualize AE CS6 on Win7 64-bit, but ThinApp always says there's an error with the AfterFX.exe executable upon attempt of build. Changing the install directory, manually fussing with the package.ini, etc. fails. Have not yet found a way around this issue (have turned Windows User checking off for full admin rights, etc, adjusting paths, etc to no avail).

    3. The entire CS6 full install with the usual tools runs fine in VMWare Player 5.01 under Win7 64-bit, so that's another easy way to get around the issue of avoiding installing bloatware into your primary OS as long as you can run VMWare Player on a system.


    Tried Spoon Server with Exebuilder from the other thread here.
    AE appears to package, but when run on another host, it says "Mediacore not initialized" quite often. Thus, another dead-end.