adobe reader latest gives a clean preview, but when prints, exceed page limit

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by jraju, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Apr 6, 2013
    I am using hp d1300 printers, the old model inkjet printer. I have downloaded a pdf file from the web regarding car driving which has pictures and instructions as pdf format. When i open in my adobe reader, the preview is perfect, as it depicts the correct form as per authors design.
    When I print the same , by selecting a particular page, it prints, but, it is not shown as in the preview but differently. Moreover, some of the words or paragraph start is not found in the printed page. The print margin is almost exceeded the left margin, giving more right margin even when i select pdf as image check box, which is default advanced settings in the printers open menu, in the advanced tab.
    I would also like to know, that could i print, in black and white without colour,for which there is no option, but only grey printing option. Pl let me have the solution to both these problems