Advanced methods of preventing software from detecting VM?

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    Oct 27, 2015
    There is this MMORPG game I play which refuses to run on virtual machines. Server's owners cite it helps stop botters but basically this screws over everyone who isn't rich enough to have multiple physical machines to cross-support their 6 or so characters.

    I've tried using regedit to input GPU name, OS, etc but it doesn't work since the game seems to be quite effective and thorough at VM detection. Some googling reveals people asking similar questions but with no solutions. Evidently some more advanced methods of preventing VM detection are required, but obviously nobody who knows is talking about it.

    What techniques would one suggest to thwart software from realizing it is running inside a VM?
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    It would help if you said what the game was and what VM software you are using
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    Sorry about that, you make a good point. I'm trying to run a Maplestory private server called Ex talia MS. The host machine is running Windows 8.1; I've tried with both VMWare and HyperV, but definitely prefer to work more with VMW.
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    Try adding this to the vmx file:
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    why don't you just run another instance of the game if it say's that you cannot run two instances of the game then lookup in google for a workaround. there will be a setting in the game config that is preventing two instances - as to the VM situation I have not come across that situation. what game is it that you are trying to run under VM I would like to try out your situation and see if i can help.

    never mind game name ... skipped a post whilst reading . I'll have a look now and get back

    Workaround - To run multiple Maplestorys, get a USB and copy your Maplestory folder onto it. Run Maplestory and log on. Then make a new account on your computer (for example a guest) and press start and switch user. Log into the other account. Put the USB onto your computer and open up the USB folder. Run Gamelauncher.exe in the USB folder and play :)

    VM way create two VM's and run game in each but use two account's.

    hope this was helpful
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    Can't you run several instances of the game by using sandboxie?