Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - AMD Radeon HD 5670

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    WHQL Signed Windows 8.1 drivers. September Release Published in 10-1-13
    Code: download ID: co6995d3b9ib1r8/Advanced+Micro+Devices%2C+Inc.+-+Graphics+Adapter+WDDM1.3+-+AMD+Radeon+HD+5670.rar
    this is official Microsoft .Cab file Note: this driver is more recent than 13.9 stable driver on AMD site, but on the other hand is older than 13.1B2 Non-WHQL drivers. this is official Microsoft .Cab file
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    Just a minor version bump, date rev, and different signing authority. The actual driver code is the same. If you installed the EXE (which you have to do to get the HDMI audio drivers and the CCC), there is no need to install this over it, and you can safely hide it in Windows Update.