Advice ...about video games.

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    Advice ...about video games.

    I do not want to create a debate about which video game is best.
    I do not want to create a debate about which model is best.
    I'm not want to create a debate on which platform is best.
    I do not want to create a debate about which resolution is best.

    I'm talking about video games.

    If you, your child, a friend, brother, a cousin, anyone who has a video game, no matter which Nintendo, Xbox or PS4.

    This is the advice I leave for everyone to do a few things there is still time.

    This is the advice I leave for people who really enjoy video-games.

    1- Save some money and buy all the games you like remastered, single player, or something like sports, cars and etc. even if it has a multiplayer mode and one day the servers of these games are either already off, buy the games you want no matter which one is XBOX-PS4-NINTENDO.

    ***(Do not buy games that are only multiplayer mode)

    2- You will need external HDDs to buy this too.

    3. If you still have money left at the end of the year, the simplest models like XBOX-S Slim, PS4 - Slim, Nintendo will be cheaper and buy one of these, do not think about 4k, think about having one more for warranty.

    (joystick may not be necessary)

    4- Please keep in mind games that will work: for example Fifa, NHL, NBA, even when they turn off the server you can still play the game, the same for other genres games. The remastered you must buying if you have a chance of a promotion price.

    Your Deadline is February 2019.


    PC Gamers

    01- PC Gamers, have all your games installed on your machines, even if it's virtual, physical or even pirate. (It's not about piracy or apology but having the game) even if you already have the original. sites made the EXE modified not for pirate use but to play without the disk is a long time ago do you remember? GameCopyWorld it still exists).

    Have in your files all (ISO.file) versions of Windows compatible with archived games.

    Do not Switch Hardware. The new ones are only requiring newer versions of Windows ...

    Your Deadline is February 2019.

    See you.


    Hi, unfortunately I could not hit the deadline
    Already started in Australia

    Forget the games stay with the ones you have ...

    Start backing up everything fast
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    May I have link to try it. I want to play game
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    Eh any context to this? Why the deadline of February 2019?