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    ADVICE on FINANCIAL APPs for WIN8, and or WIN7

    (Personal use)

    Elderly stepmother used to use MS "Money" many years back, has been using QUICKEN and states she is experiencing data corruption and a host of other issues... (App won't auto update, columns, tables missing, balances being many thousands of dollars off )

    From what I gather she liked Money, was forced into using Quicken as her bank or whatever did not support or dropped support /access, ability to tie into banking servers via Money at some point.

    So she's wanting to know if there are any apps out there like MONEY for Win8.

    (I am currently setting up a laptop in a DUAL-BOOT configuration with WIN7 x64 and WIN8 x64, in case the best option is a Win7 "only" or older FINANCIAL app.)

    Dual Boot Win8 OEM, Win7 OEM, no one seems to know, What's the procedure?

    PS: Reason for wanting advice on apps that "work" within WIN8 is she talking about buying another PC and most all consumer PC's within her price range range come with WIN8 exclusively.

    Oh, during my researching on doing a dual boot in which I had over 100+ windows pulled up I by happen chance ran across a posting in which I think it stated MICROSOFT???? had some type of BUSINESS FINANCIAL APP in which you could download a "Crippled /Limted" version of it and use it INDEFINITELY.... that would work just FINE in a PERSONAL use scenario.

    Anyone happen to have any info /know the details?

    Anyone know of any "BUSINESS apps" that that offer a limited version?

    Any advice, or thoughts would be appreciated as I have very limited experience with Win8 OS, and or financial apps.

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    here Starmoney is recommended even by the bank. I used it many years but now, I have no more need for it but was a very useful software which got updated by the bank server on a regular base.
    Note: this is a banking software only
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