After BIOS MOD - What Else Is Needed?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by ultravista, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I am running an activated (vista loader) version if Vista Ultimate with SP1.

    My machine reverts to not activated after waking from sleep (S3). I would like to correct the issue with a BIOS modification but need a little help.

    I understand adding the additional SLIC tables to the BIOS and there's an updated version for my motherboard (Gigabyte EP45-DS3R v9 firmware).

    What else must I do after the BIOS update? Do I remove the Vista Loader and add the SLIC codes that I transcoded into the BIOS?

    I'm confused. Can someone give me a step-by-step?
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    Well i can offer a little help having just activated Vista on both my PC's using the SLIC and OEM method.

    But i have not learned how to make a modded BIOS or nor how to make the OEM files.

    I had great help from a couple of forum members to get things going.

    Search the forums to find the SLIC and OEM files you need.

    Care is needed flashing the BIOS so follow the steps to the letter.

    The OEM files are added to a RTM version of Vista. I found it easier to do this using a 4gig USB pen drive.
    I slung my RTM Vista in my DVD drive then opened Magic ISO and extracted the files to my USB drive.This allowes you to add extra files very easily and to test different OEM files without wasting DVD's.

    I did this on a Asrock 775 Dual VSTA and an Abit AW9D Max.
    It is a great feeling activating Vista.

    I personally would do a totally fresh install of Vista instead of simply removing the bootloader. But that is just me.

    I wish i could help more on the actuall SLIC and OEM files but i just downloaded mine.

    Check out my thread.
    If you need any more help i will try with the little knowledge i have but i am sure others will help too..

    Hope you sort it..Good luck !
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    Yes you need to remove vista loader e.c.t and install certificate and key manually or make OEM dvd with same certificate and key to match the modded bios ASUS DELL HP for example do a search for voaktools that will remove loader.

    Look here:
    and here: oem dvd

    for info on how to make your own OEM dvd