After the end of Win 7 Support

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tmf2, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Jul 9, 2010
    When the desktop appears.
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    Jul 9, 2010
    The read/write nearly tripled on my setup, it's a difference you can definitely observe if you compare to a single ssd.
    The tech is similar but you're taking strips of data across multiple ssd's and as long as your lanes have the bandwidth available it works really well, I don't have any other drives connected.
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  4. Carlos Detweiller

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    Dec 21, 2012
    Isn't MAK a Volume license key? If so, Volume license channels do only exist on Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise, maybe that's why.
  5. the_soft45

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    Mar 28, 2016
    But even then, it seems that the MAK key is going to be installed in addition to the current license in the Windows installation, which does raise a few more questions in my mind.
    Will Windows Update check if the license exists? Will they release a Servicing Stack update to deal with it? Will the updates have additional checks to see if the users installing them have the ESU MAK key installed?
  6. erpsterm35

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    May 27, 2013
    maybe abbodi1406 could answer some of your questions, the_soft45.
    though the servicing stack updates have nothing to do with the license check.

    btw, win7 ultimate is available for retail & oem only; not in VL - ultimate is considered to be a "consumer" edition like the home basic & home premium editions of win7
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    I'm not Windows Insider to answer :rolleyes:
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    Meh, I don't expect a lot of issues before 2023, for a few good reasons.

    As many have already said, the problem lies not in the end of update support but in the end of software and driver support.
    However, since updates are extended until 2023, even though it becomes a paid service, means that software vendors
    aren't being let off that easy before that service ends, since those paying for it will expect software support to continue as well,
    and I do not see how all vendors can start charging for the same too.

    Also, these updates will most definitely get out on the web, and as always people will find solutions and workarounds for any kind of
    blockage along the way.

    So really, we should be ok until at least 2023, given a little extra effort, but most win7 users are long used to it now. It's the ability to tinker
    with the OS that partially keeps us on win7, so nothing wrong with having to tinker here and there.

    As far as quirks in win7, as some have pointed out: I am having zero issues, none at all. I run a ryzen 2700x on an x470 with win7,
    and even the initial install was a piece of cake. Had to search for some usb3.0 and nvme drivers and slipstream them into the installation,
    after that it was smooth sailing. Updates are enabled thanks to a little tool from this forum of course ;)

    I also just got office2019 prof pro working on win7, again thanks to guys on MDL, and again without a hitch.
    Therefore, even after 2023 I expect people to find solutions to make certain applications run on win7 even when officially they're no longer supported.
    I'm not worried until at least 2024-2025...and even then, when eventually the time comes, I'll move to Linux rather than using win10,
    I genuinely, seriously resent that OS, it's pure utter crap.

    Only issue I see then is that I am mainly a music producer these days, and my DAW doesn't run on Linux, so I'll have to build an offline win8 machine or a mac
    to continue making music. Again, if need be I'll do that, no sweat.

    Microsoft has really effed up with win10, and imvho I doubt they could ever be able to come back from that.
    They're gonna lose me and many others I suspect, when win7 finally becomes past tense.
    I'll just completely move away from the entire platform. In my case it is certain.