AIO place for VMware Modded Bios's with SLP 1.0 & SLIC 2.0 & 2.1

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    Hello all I am threesidedcube I am very new to MDL and have to say that the work of the moderator's on here is excellent & to the people that have added and contributed to the site...

    Anyway what I want to try and do here is to get the modded vmware bios's here using the bios_440 VMX config method all in one place.
    seen as VM bios's are Virtual

    Layout =

    VMbios brand = Asus
    SLP = XP = Yes/no oembios CRC
    SLIC 2.0 = Vista = Yes/no SLIC & Cert CRC
    SLIC 2.1 = Win 7 = yes/no SLIC & Cert CRC

    I will Contribute myself in due course.
    "soon as I have figured PBE out ":)

    Please also put in the SLIC & Cert CRC's so that I can check.
    Thankyou in advanced to the people that contribute. :)

    Link's most welcome to modded vmware bios,s just post it!!!!

    Would just like to say here that I successfully modded my Gigabyte GA-8I865GME rev 1.0 with SLIC 2.0 thank's to the forums here on MDL :) I'll post A link when i have a site to host it :D
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