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    Are Pure OS Without Any Bloatware That Released By Google There Is No Residual File

    (Due to no GAPPS Safetynet Check Will Ended Up With Fail Result)

    Why Choose AOSP ROM?
    Yeah? Without Any Additional Crappy OEM Vendor And Google Apps Inside
    Different With Vendor ROM Such As MIUI For Xiaomi That Contain Bloatware And Many More crap

    About Custom Rom Such As Lineage OS?
    Oh yes They Also Bloatware FREE But I Don;t Like Why We Forced To Use Their App Such As Privacy Guard?
    Why Their App Not Available To Public OS As Well?

    Yes Because Not Heavily Modified OFC This Is Are LightWeight OS (Maybe Similar Or Same To Linux On PC???)
    (Also Some Custom ROM Are Lightweight But I Hate Specific app that are available for these OS Only)

    Now Let's Compare It:
    Stock ROM:
    Heavily Modified By Vendor (Added Crappy Thing Like Bloatware Etc Etc)
    Not Universal (Like i Mention Above Stock Rom only available to specific vendor phone like miui for xiaomi)
    hard to root (Because stock rom distribute together with phone these os are hard to root due to locked bootloader and risk)

    AOSP Rom:
    Universal (available For All Phone As Long As Driver Available)
    No Bloatware And Other Crappy Thing
    Easy To ROOT
    (This Time Depending On Android Version)
    Plain ROM Mean Lightweight ROM

    Custom ROM:
    Modified ROM (Heavily Or Not)
    Again Contain Custom Vendor App
    Easy To Root
    Not Universal (Only Available To Old Device Due To UBL Process)

    Which One That I should choose?

    only rally on plain rom (And FREEDOM) without any additional crappy thing?
    go for AOSP Rom (If You Can't Instal On Real Phone Use Virtual Machine Like VMOS)

    Need Additonal Rom (For Customization UI And More With FREEDOM) ?
    go For Custom ROM (Recommended Is Lineage OS)

    Only For Daily Use BUT You Didn't Care About Anything Included It's Privacy?
    go for stock rom

    Best Regards
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