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  1. fbifido

    fbifido MDL Member

    Jun 6, 2007
    Hi i need some help.

    i download the amitools161 and found out that you can use mmtool.exe to
    extract the"10 - ACPI AML" file witch is a DSDT.AML file, thats if you say
    uncompress, then use:

    iasl.exe -d dsdt.aml to get dsdt.dsl ( notepad++ editable) file.
    or you can use the windows program amimmwin.exe like:

    amimmwin.exe romfile.rom /U /E 10 dsdt.aml
    and you get the aml file from the ami bios. The 10 is the module ID number. I don't see a module for ACPITBL or the names on most of the Module IDs.

    with AWARD BIOS you use a program call cbrom32.exe, but that program is far better, because it allows you to extrac the acpitable and put it back as needed.

    Question1: How do i extract the acpitable from a AMI BIOS?
    Question2: How do i put it back into the bios?
    Question3: I notice two files lha0.exe(jap) & lha255.exe(not running, i use win7 x64) how do i compress the dsdt.aml file into a dsdt.rom file and replace the old ACPI AML table in the BIOS?

    with AWARD you would say:
    cbrom32.exe biosfile.rom /acpitbl extract - to get the acpitable as acpitble.bin

    then edit that file with hex editor and extract DSDT.aml file. then:

    cbrom32.exe biosfile.rom /acpitbl acpitbl.bin - to put it back into bios.

    Question4, but story first:
    I did the DELL SLIC 2.1 with amitool.exe, then check to make sure it was in the bios my opening the bios_slic.rom file into amitools.exe, and it pops-up with a message saying it has DELL SLIC 2.1

    from there i extracted the DSDT.AML file from the BIOS with:
    amimmwin.exe bios_slic.rom /U /E 10 dsdt.aml then disasamble this file with:
    iasl.exe -d dsdt.aml and got a dsdt.dsl file which i edited with notepad++.

    After saving the change i then compile it back into an aml file:
    iasl.exe -ta -oa dsdt.dsl - this give me back a dsdt.aml file which i try to put back into the bios_slic.rom file, but fail to do:

    amimmwin.exe bios_slic.rom /R 10 dsdt.aml
    no error, open the bios_slic.rom file in amitools, no pop-up message.

    amimmwin.exe bios_slic.rom /U /R 10 dsdt.aml
    same result as above.


    Thank you.

    [include] AMI BIOS_SLIC.ROM file
  2. FalloutERin

    FalloutERin MDL Novice

    Aug 21, 2011
    Same problem. I've no idea. I think it's bacause ACPITBL.bin is located inside 1B module so you'll have to extract DSDT using DSDT Editor and then put compiled dsdt.aml back using HxHex Editor right into the extracted 1B module (using MMTool, of course). Then you replace the old module with the new one (Hex-edited and DSDT-edited). But I can't really make usable BIOS. When I flash it OS does not load. Sometimes I get BSOD and it says "Your BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant" so I have to flash AMI BIOS with the original image again. But there's gotta be a way out!
  3. urie

    urie Moderator
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    May 21, 2007
    You are not expecting a reply the original post is almost a year old there check out AndyP-s-SLIC-tools which can easily add SLIC or SLP1.0 string closing thread.