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    Hi everyone,

    Sure is a very educative site you got here and full of very talented contributors, bravo and well done.

    Used to be in the Overclocking circles for a few years, but real life caught up with me and had to put that aside.

    More of a user now and was looking into Windows 7 which is how I got here, and elected to join your ranks.


    As an aside and new registered user, I do have a question about the forum for the Administrators ( the Tech support actually ) - found no real forum appropriate to post Tech Support for MDL forum issues per say, so here it is:

    I have been perusing the site for a few days, and as normal behavior when in a sub forum - Links to the threads that I have read are light colored and threads I did not read are BOLD!

    Here is the quirk ; after registering and validating my request, I was taken to the Profile section - I did not do anything there yet except picking an avatar. and come back to the Main Forum.

    Oddly, any and all links to any thread in every forums is Light colored (none are bold anymore ) as if I have gone in each forum and selected Mark Forums Read, which I did not do!

    Shall see going forward if new threads get bolded or remain light colored - just a headups more then anything else - hopefully a registration quirk.

    I have cleared history content at this end to ensure it is not a Firefox ( 3.5.4) quirk, but even that keeps the threads as light color (not BOLD) which technically speaking - Firefox should now see all threads as un-read hence bold title/links.

    Any thoughts on this one ?


    New posts in various forums after I registered are behaving correctly. It does appear that in the registration process, somehow all forums were marked as read, well for me at least. Maybe something to look into for the next users coming in.

    No biggie this end as it is back to normal now, just a heads up.
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    Welcome To The Forum :)
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    Welcome to MDL :cool: