[Android]CamLab: Free and Portable Lab for Camera quality evaluation and analysis

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Hi All,

    CamLab is my first Android application, and it is for Camera image quality evaluation and analysis. Its design target is to replace PC during camera image evaluation. Normally people will pull pictures from phones/tablets to their PC and use expensive tools to analysis image quality. With CamLab camera engineers can evaluate and analyze picture quality directly on their phones/tablets, and CamLab is free. You can simply search "CamLab" on Google Play, or you can visit our website: camlab.wamera.com

    CamLab now provides following analysis items:
    1 Color Uniformity
    2 Histogram
    3 Auto Focus Performance
    4 Noise
    5 Color Accuracy
    6 Auto Exposure Speed
    7 Capture Speed

    Hope CamLab can help you on your camera development and evaluation. Thanks.